Outback Meadows

Outback Meadows

Home of the naturally healthy beef.

Belted Galloway Cattle (Belties)

Outback Meadows is dedicated to the production and selling of Belted Galloway beef. This website discusses the background of the Beltie cows, the benefits of grass fed beef, and how the Beltie beef is naturally healthier. Outback Meadows is located in Lorena, Texas (outside of Waco), and will be selling freezer beef locally for the time being.

We currently have hamburger meat for sale. This is whole body hamburger meat that is 90% lean. It is entirely from our herd and is low fat, low cholesterol, and high in omega-3 fatty acids. The stock from which the hamburger came from was grassfed only and did not have any hormones, antibiotics, or high fat feed. We have some patties (4 to a pound and 3 to a pound) and 1 pound ground tubes. All vacuum packed by Westphalia Market. Currently priced at $5.25 per pound. Other cuts are available in limited supply. Call 254-749-2038 for any orders or questions.

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